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Feb 28, 2023

Project update 4 of 5

Community Support for Home Assistant Integration

by STEMinds

Over the years, the Eduponics community has been growing at a slow but steady rate. We are happy to see all the different projects that extend the Eduponics mini platform beyond what we thought was possible. One project that caught our eye recently was Home Assistant integration.

Posting on Eduponics discussions, Thomas shared his work on integrating the HASSIO with Eduponics. He was also kind enough to provide a thorough tutorial.

According to Thomas, "ESPHome already had built-in libraries for the popular sensors on the main board. After reading through the documentation and Python/Arduino examples, the main board ran smoothly. However, this personal project included four of the soil sensors, so getting the expansion board set up took a little longer."

Thomas says he is currently using Node-Red to send notifications to his phone and dashboards through the Home Assistant API as he collects metrics to find which values are ideal thresholds for when to begin watering and how long to run the pump. The node-Red framework handles most of the automation involved in the process.

If you’d like to recreate his project with the Eduponics mini, take a look at the intructional gist Thomas posted.

Please note that the Eduponics-microphone is compatible with both Eduponics v1 and v2 thus making most extensions fully compatible. For those that are not, it should be easy to migrate with just some minor modifications for compatibility.

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