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Mar 22, 2023

Project update 6 of 10

Production Status and What's Coming Next

by STEMinds

Dear backers,

As promised, this week we’ll update you on our production progress and what comes next in the process of getting your Eduponics kit to you.

Hardware manufacturing

Mass production is complete for all the products in the Eduponics family, so the next steps are testing and packaging. We are going to test all the hardware ourselves over the next two weeks or so and then we will start to prepare for shipping.

We are still waiting on the final transfer of funds from the campaign, but that shouldn’t stop us from progressing as fast as possible and getting the products in your hands. Here are few pictures from the production runs:

Eduponics Mini ESP32 board v.2.0
Eduponics mini Extension board
Soil Moisture Sensors
Water Quantity Sensors
Valve Extension Boards

Documentation and other files

We’ve been too focused on production to make much progress on documentation lately, but we’ll be taking that project on in the upcoming weeks. We’ll be adding documentation, STLs, and other files before delivery, ensuring that when you receive your order, it will be plug-and-play and ready to use.

All the code has already been released on our GitHub page, but we’ll add more documented code examples to help you get started quickly.

Next update

We’ll share another update in two or three weeks (around April 7th). On April 4th we start the two week Passover holiday. We’re seizing the opportunity to take a flight to Shenzhen, China, and visit the Elecrow facility to personally inspect and verify the production process.

Meanwhile, if you have any concerns, questions, or requests - please feel free to reach out so we can address it in a timely matter.

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