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Apr 18, 2023

Project update 7 of 10

The Latest on Manufacturing and Delivery Dates

by STEMinds

Dear Backers,

Thank you all for sticking with us so far as we finish manufacturing and prepare for delivery and shipment. We have a few important updates to share with you to ensure you are all aware of the progress and according expectations.

Valve Replaced

During our tests we encountered some issues with our valve - it was leaking. Later, the supplier found out that although it could be used for a water irrigation system, it is an air pump. Luckily enough, we have good partners such as Elecrow. Elecrow generously offered to include their custom-made molded pump with our kit which means you as backers will be able to get a better product at the same price.

Below is a picture of the new pump, which you can see is similar to the original:

The new pump hose thickness is different from the original, so we’ll be replacing the pump included in the kit as well so it fits the valve extension board.

Eduponics Kit Issues

Last week we published that the PCBA is finished and being tested. The tests were completed without any difficulties and everything looks good for the Eduponics Mini’s electronics. However, the purchasing team made a mistake and purchased some incorrect components for the kit including the pump, hose, water regulator, and label size.

We are currently re-ordering all the correct kit components to assemble a finished product according to the high standards we’ve set. The water regulator might be replaced with a different component in order to compensate for the different hose thicknesses from the pump to the valve (for those getting the valve extension board).

Documentation Delay

We’ve been working really hard with the Elecrow factory to focus on manufacturing and packaging, ensuring no incorrect components get delivered to our backers. To get that done, we had to postpone the due date for completing our documentation. Now we expect to go over it around April 24th and finish it by April 30th.

Expected Delivery Date

We’ve ordered all the packaging materials needed to pack our products; the only thing left is the kit. We hope that by end of April, we’ll be able to prepare for shipment, though we’re conservatively targeting early May which puts the product in your hands in June.

If there are any other questions or concerns we haven’t addressed, please feel free to contact us via the "Ask a Question" section of the Crowd Supply campaign page.

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