Eduponics Mini

by STEMinds

An ESP32-powered smart-agriculture IoT kit with a user-customizable mobile app

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We Did It!

by Roni G

Our campaign is over and we are completely funded. (And far beyond our expectations!) We would like to thank all of our backers for their continued support, amazing questions, and belief in us.

What’s Next?

We had a delay with the water pumps for the Eduponics Mini Kits, but the supplier assured us they can deliver them today, so they should arrive tomorrow. Meanwhile, we are preparing the SKUs and making sure we have everything ready for packaging and testing. We’ve already tested all of the Eduponics Mini dev boards, and we’ve now begun the extension boards, which just arrived from our PCBA provider.

Our Next Update

We anticipate that our next update will contain the good news that our products are on their way to Mouser’s warehouse. Meanwhile, please continue to send us support questions, product suggestions, and anything else that comes in mind! We’ll be here, working night and day to ensure that your Eduponics Mini products are of the highest-possible quality and that you receive them as soon as possible.

About the Author

Roni G

Zontex  ·   Israel

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Product Choices


Eduponics Mini Kit

The Eduponics Mini Kit includes the the Eduponics Mini ESP32 dev board and everything you need to get started, including one (short) soil-moisture sensor.


Eduponics Mini ESP32 Dev Board

An Eduponics Mini Dev board with integrated ESP32 module and sensors, including BME280, EEPROM, RTC, RGB, and a BH170 light sensor.


Eduponics Mini Extension Board

This energy-efficient extension board for Eduponics Mini includes four relays, an ADS1115 ADC, and an MCP23017 IO extension IC.


STEMinds Soil Moisture Sensors (long)

One long STEMinds soil-moisture sensor, which includes an accurate TI timer and a voltage regulator for a stable signal.


STEMinds Soil Moisture Sensors (short)

One short STEMinds soil-moisture sensor, which includes an accurate TI timer and a voltage regulator for a stable signal.


Waterproof Soil Moisture Sensor

This limited-edition, high-precision, waterproof soil-moisture sensor is a 5 V output sensor that's ready to tackle indoor and outdoor challenges.



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