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An ESP32-powered smart-agriculture IoT kit with a user-customizable mobile app

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Jul 19, 2021

Project update 11 of 13

What's next?

by Roni G

Some of you have already received your Eduponics Mini products, and we can’t wait to hear about what you’ll do with our hardware and what upcoming project you are hiding under your desk!

If you received your Eduponics Mini, we’d love to hear from you - What do you think? Have you encountered any difficulties? Do you have any extra requirements or suggestions for improvement? Our support email is and we are always here to serve you!

Show off your projects

Showcase your projects and have a chance to receive prizes both from Crowd Supply and STEMinds! Get a chance to win $25 Crowd Supply credit and your field report will be published as an official project update.

On STEMinds side, you’ll get a chance to win extra hardware to enhance your project and make it even better than it currently is!

New hardware coming soon

If you’ve ordered the Eduponics Mini kit, you probably received a leaflet that shows our new upcoming products. We’ll keep you, our well-respected backers, updated with what’s coming up next, and hopefully those new products will be sold on the Crowd Supply platform as well!

Here is a little sneak-peek of the Solar UPS board we are working on, with a built-in watchdog timer and accurate ability to read the battery capacity and voltage! We’ve already created 2 versions and we are now testing the third one, which we hope will be our final one.

New discussion forum

We’ve created a discussion forum at so you can use it to discuss any issue, feature, or new project with ease! This will act as a STEMinds forum for now and we definitely hope to improve it in the future.

Mobile app iOS support

We’re still working on completing this promise. Currently, there is only Android support but we hope to release the iOS version as soon as possible!


Don’t forget our documentation at we’ve given it a little upgrade and we hope to continue improving it over time. If you have any particular suggestions, feel free to open a ticket on GitHub or just push a suggestion and we’ll make sure to approve it! The documentation GitHub can be found here

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