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Sep 01, 2022

Project update 12 of 13

3D CAD Models, New Website, and a Project Showcase: Automated Irrigation System

by Roni G

It’s been over a year since our Eduponics campaign, but we have been continuously improving by listening to our backers. We hope to see more backers and new users find ways to be innovative around agriculture and IoT using the Eduponics Mini ESP32 platform.

3D CAD models now available

Recently we found out that although we released the Eduponics Mini 3D enclosure design, the extension board doesn’t have one yet.

In order to help our backers with their custom projects and designs, we’ve decided to release 3D CAD models of our hardware, and as the hardware improves we will add more models according to the demands.

Currently, the extension board and soil moisture sensor PCB 3D models are available, and the enclosure for the Eduponics Mini ESP32 dev board is available as well.

The 3D models are available in Our GitHub repository

New website & forum

We are constantly improving and we recently released a brand new website!

We will continue working on the official documentation now available at (previously as well as our forum, which moved to GitHub discussions

Project showcase

We would like to use this opportunity to showcase a project from one of our backers @traverseda

Traverse uses Eduponics to create an automated irrigation system in his garden: "the plants definitively grow better with consistent watering from the Eduponics" Traverse mentioned on the GitHub discussion page, "and knowing when the soil dries out is great, but mostly you can just stick it into a planter and everything will just work."

He also mentioned how Eduponics helps him to collect information from his plants that normally wouldn’t be seen by the naked eye: "It’s really nice to be able to get hard data on things like how long it takes your soil to dry out. I found that my soil was drying out every 1-3 days! Way more often than I would have thought."

Traverse created his custom firmware using node-red-dashboard and he plans to further automate it using home-assistant!

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