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The open-source stereoscopic camera based on Raspberry Pi with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and an advanced powering system

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Two Days Left!

by Eugene Pomazov

Just two days left until our crowdfunding campaign ends! We are 193% funded now and will start production soon.

Price Changes

We did our best to keep prices as low as possible during the crowdfunding campaign. If you want to pick up your StereoPi v2 kit at the lowest price possible, now’s your chance! While products will still be available after tomorrow, they’ll have new, post-campaign prices:

ItemCurrent priceAfter crowdfunding price
StereoPi v2 Slim$45$49
StereoPi v2 Standard$49$55
StereoPi v2 Camera Kit$169$185
StereoPi v2 Camera Kit (no CM4)$129$145
StereoPi v2 10 pack$449Not available
StereoPi PoE HAT$19$25
StereoPi HQ Metal Housing$49$55


We are planning to manufacture our first batch of StereoPi v2 products as soon as we get funds from Crowd Supply. As with the previous campaigns, we’ll keep you informed during all stages of production.

Beta Tests

Over the next few weeks, we’ll publish our new SLP Raspbian image and our Oculus Quest application. So:

  • If you are the lucky owner of a StereoPi v1, you can test all that cool stuff, as we kept everything fully backward compatible.
  • Let us remind you that all of our software is 100% compatible with the classic Raspberry Pi. That means you can take advantage of all StereoPi features (like photo and video recording and video livestreaming to your browser, to YouTube, or to an Oculus Quest) using a classic Raspberry Pi with a single camera.

We’ll be announcing our beta-testing program soon. If the above sounds at all interesting, we encourage you to join it!

Stay tuned!

About the Author

Eugene Pomazov

StereoPi  ·  Realizator  ·   St. Petersburg

$83,685 raised

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239% Funded! Order Below

Product Choices


StereoPi v2 Slim

Perfect for DIY ninjas and those wanting to embed StereoPi in a tight space. This board is the same as the standard edition, but without all the bulky connectors - the Ethernet RJ45 jack, GPIO header, and dual USB Type-A connector have not been populated. To use this board, you will need your own Raspberry Pi Compute Module, cameras, and camera ribbon cables. Two short power cables and three jumpers already included.


StereoPi v2 Standard

The world of stereoscopic video awaits! This board is the ultimate interface between two cameras and a Raspberry Pi Compute Module. It comes with all the bells and whistles, including Ethernet, dual USB ports, GPIO header, microSD slot, HDMI output, and more. To use this board, you will need your own Raspberry Pi Compute Module, cameras, and camera ribbon cables. Two short power cables and three jumpers already included.


StereoPi v2 Camera Kit

Everything you need to assemble your camera! Includes StereoPi Standard, CM4 + external antenna, 2 cameras (IMX219, 160 FOV), a TFT screen, a shot button, camera-mount plates, nuts & bolts, 3 jumpers, a 15 cm tripod, and 2 microSD cards with pre-written SLP and OpenCV images!


StereoPi PoE HAT

This board adds Power over Ethernet option to your StereoPi


StereoPi HQ Metal Housing

Metal housing for a couple of HQ cameras with advanced adjustments features. Includes StereoPi HQ housing base + carriages, 2 x HOYA CM500 filters (8.9 x 8.9 x 1 mm), a set of nuts/bolts/washers for assembly, and a tripod. To use this kit you need a couple of HQ cameras and a couple of C or CS lenses.



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