Legend Drift Trike

by Stokism

Made in the USA, handmade drift trikes. For drifters by drifters.

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Oct 04 2013


Made in the USA, handmade drift trikes. For drifters by drifters.

Do we ever really grow up? Watching Evil Kenevil as kids to obsessing over the X-Games as an adults; we are awed by fast cars and jumping motorcycles. We feel it’s best to embrace your inner child.

A Drift Trike is a time machine. It brings us back to when we built forts out of couch cushions and a circular rubber sphere was a tool of entertainment. When you got on your Big Wheel (Green Machine, anyone?) and pedal it until the streetlights come on.

The Stokism Drift Trike is the adult version of the Big Wheel and Green Machine.

Throwing a vehicle sideways around a corner is a feeling that will get anyone’s adrenaline flowing. Experiencing the weightless feeling of being out of control and in control at the same time.

We believe everyone should have this experience. Even if your family and friends think you’ve lost it.

The Philosophy of Stokism

Stokism is committed to fueling the ambitions and passions we can lose touch with in our day-to-day living.

A Stokist is someone who lives to seek the burn of passion, adrenaline, and joy.

A Stokist knows the life­ changing benefits that can be found in these activities.

A Stokist embraces the small moments of accomplishment and power that can be found in the passion that drives them.

Stokism seeks to help people who have yet to find that passion. To get inside what makes you unique. Leading to a healthier, happier life.

Stokism is a brand dedicated to innovating the way people experience life in motion. The Stokism Drift Trike is the instrument that will allow you to feel the Stokist Philosophy. {drift-trike-threesome}

Product Specifications

  • High quality steel frame
  • 4 Bolt 5" rims
  • Comfortable seat with a back rest
  • 20" BMX front wheel with brakes
  • Multiple components packages

Manufacturing Plan

The drift trike steel frames and axles will be hand built in house. High-end karting wheels to standard wheelbarrow wheels are available depending on the trim level you select.

The wheels are a standard 4 bolt 10” wheel. PVC pipe will be cut and smoothed to form the rear wheels. Seats are stadium-type. The front wheel is a 20” rim with a U-brake.

We will be getting our parts from regional wholesale warehouses, until larger sourcing orders to Taiwan can be negotiated. High-end trikes will have all parts built in the USA.

Risks & Challenges

Stokism is borrowing a bender to create a the proper frame with less welding. With Crowd Supply we intend to purchase our own bender so we can build the frames all in-house.

About Stokism

Stokism is a lifestyle we live everyday. A lifestyle of happiness that drives us forward. A dream of a future where people strive to do the things they love, and have a passion for bettering everything around them. This is a dream that will not die, and is not limited to us From slaying mountains to writing novels, getting stoked on what you love is what drives humanity forward. Our goal is to help bring it out in the rest of the world.



Stokism is family-owned and operated by people who push the boundaries of the human experience. Dedicated to the surf and turf of action sports.

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