An FPGA board that fits inside your USB connector

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Hi, I’m Tomu FPGA. I’m a reconfigurable chip. I’m super flexible, and yet I still fit entirely inside a computer’s USB port.

I’m just an array of logic cells, but with the right instructions I can be anything.

I have:

  • iCE40UP5K FPGA
  • 128 kilobytes of RAM
  • 2 megabytes of flash
  • USB connector for full speed USB
  • An RGB LED
  • Capacitive touchpads
  • Plastic case
  • A fully open-source toolchain

I’m not very large, but I have enough logic cells to implement a RISC-V CPU and run Python natively.

I have code that lets me speak USB, so I’m super easy to work with. And with an open-source, freely-available development toolchain, I can help you get started in the wonderful world of FPGA design without any extra hardware.

Initial prototyping and design was done in collaboration with TinyFPGA, who everyone knows is an expert at Tiny FPGA designs!

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