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A vending machine IoT retrofit board

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MDB-JS is an open source, IoT vending machine management board in a Raspberry-Pi HAT form-factor. It gives people the tools to build vending web / mobile applications using web technology (JavaScript, Python, PHP, etc.).

This is a board for converting MDB/ICP protocol to JSON objects. It enables web and mobile application developers to manage protocol transactions and perform packet sniffing using JSON objects.

No prior experience in embedded electronics or MDB/ICP protocol are needed. MDB-JS easily integrates with any existing vending mobile application or vending machine management cloud, and facilitates easy creation of RESTfull vending management system API interfaces. You can also use any just about any host main board ( e.g. RaspberryPI, ESP32,ESP8266, OrangePI, Pine64, etc… ).

Perfect for vending operators

By building your web / mobile application based on MDB-JS board you will offer these perks to operators:

Features & Specifications

Open source

You can find open source information, including board schematics, gerber files, and software code in the project GitHub repository.

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"The MDB-JS Board offers a compatible Raspberry Pi HAT form-factor providing you with the tools to build vending web / mobile applications using web technology such as JavaScript, Python, PHP, etc."

About the Team


Mansoura, Egypt

Ahmad Hamza (founder of Technosens) experienced Embedded systems and IoT engineer with 18 years of industry experience. Committed to provide developers tools for building IoT hardware-to-cloud full-stack products and improving time-to-market and proof-of-concept prototyping phases. Allowing developers to build innovative products for the market.

Ahmad Hamza

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