The first open source 802.11ah scalable long range Wi-Fi development platform for engineers and experimenters

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Halo TD-XPAH is a long range wireless communications development platform with open source hardware and software. The platform is designed for engineers, inventors, and experimenters to create new ways to access remote data & sensors, or control remote sites & systems. You can use the standalone SDK to create an end node device or the open source Linux drivers to enable long range TCP/IP communication over USB.

The platform supports the 802.11ah Wi-Fi "Halow" IEEE network standard. It contains two ARM CPU’s for low-power and high performance. The two modes of operation allow it to either run as a standalone system or as a Wi-Fi USB dongle. The standard supports a 1 kilometer minimum range, though in practice can be extended much farther. Whether you are a software designer or electrical engineer or something in between, Halo TD-XPAH provides the ability to quickly and easily create distributed systems based on open standards.

Halo TD-XPAH Demo

High Quality Wireless Communication Anywhere, Anytime

Here’s just a few examples of what Halo TD-XPAH can do:

  1. Long distance wireless camera system (pictured below)
  2. Distributed air quality sensor system
  3. Remote solar field monitor network
  4. Long range airborne drone link
  5. Wide area soil moisture & plant health reporting network
  6. RS-485 wireless communications drop-in replacement for copper wiring
  7. Adhoc emergency communications platform

Arducam HD camera attached to the SPI & I2C buses with +5V power

Features & Specifications

Open Source

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"The Wi-Fi development platform can be used for a wide variety of different applications "

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"[Halo] is the world’s first open source, open hardware Wi-Fi HaLow-enabled development platform aimed at engineers, creators and experimenters"

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"While WiFi HaLow is another LPWAN standard, the higher bitrate enables different applications than LoRaWAN,"

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About the Team

Teledatics Inc.

Teledatics provides distributed wireless access to sensor & control systems anytime anywhere independent of existing infrastructure or networks.

Dan Slater

John Adams

Justin Carrel

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