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Mar 29, 2022

Project update 3 of 12

Control & configuration GUI demo

by Jim E

We’ve been developing a control and configuration GUI for a Halo TD-XPAH running in standalone mode. The GUI allows for configuration of the access point, client, or mesh mode from any browser. The video below demonstrates a wireless 802.11ah connection from a Raspberry Pi 4 used to configure a second standalone TD-XPAH in access point mode.

We also plan to support configuration over a USB cable from a PC running Windows, Mac OS, Linux, or UNIX.

In addition to the Wi-Fi configuration parameters, we plan to support configuration and monitoring of the three add-on boards as well as the Arducam camera. The boards and camera are recognized automatically and the GUI will reconfigure itself depending on what hardware is attached.

The GUI is written in the C programming language and is open source. We can also provide a binary firmware image you can upload over a USB connection from a PC. Of course, you are welcome to modify the GUI source code for your own needs. Or you can simply upload the binary as-is and configure and control your devices directly from the GUI interface.

Next week’s update will showcase new GUI features as well as how to access the GUI interface from a PC over a USB connection

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