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Apr 06, 2022

Project update 4 of 12

A look at the newly-completed TD-XPAH GUI

by Jim E

How to Download The Standalone GUI Binary

The TD-XPAH’s GUI is now fully functional and can be used to configure your device. Many thanks to our beta testers for feedback and suggestions!

GUI screenshot

The GUI source code is available in our github repo. Please see the branch "teledatics_gui."

The GUI is accessible from a Windows, Mac, or Linux system over USB cable via the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP). Alternatively, it can be accessed over an 802.11ah wireless connection.

The binary image included in our github checkin is downloaded using the Newracom Java-based download tool.

GUI screenshot

The tool displays the proper DIP switch settings for download mode at the top.

Dip switches in download position

Once the image is downloaded, reset the DIP switches to standalone mode and restart the device. The TD-XPAH GUI is now accessible.

Dip switches in standalone position

Check out our video demo of the GUI in action:

Next week’s update will discuss configuring add-on boards from the TD-XPAH GUI

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