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Apr 26, 2022

Project update 6 of 12

Thanks, Final Board Design, Schematics

by Jim E


Thanks to everyone for a successful campaign! We are busy working with our contract manufacturers so we can fulfill everyone’s orders on time. During this period, we will also update our GitHub repository with additional code and features for the add-on boards: the Air Quality Sensor hAT, the Ethernet hAT, and the Wi-Fi Gateway hAT. Look for changes and updates to our website and GitHub over the next few weeks as we add user guides and how-to updates.

TD-XPAH & Accessory Board Schematics

The final TD-XPAH board schematics are now available in our GitHub repository; the shipping version will be revision v1.4 of the experimenter’s board. We have also uploaded the schematics for the three accessory boards.

TD-XPAH 1.4 final schematic

TD-XPAH v1.4 Final Board Design

The TD-XPAH board is 50 mm x 75 mm, which is quite a bit smaller than any other 802.11ah development boards currently available. But it does not sacrifice the features, capabilities, or flexibility of larger board designs. In fact, no 802.11ah development board other than the TD-XPAH can be run both as a Linux USB Wi-Fi dongle or as a standalone board.

TD-XPAH 1.4 board

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