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Apr 13, 2022

Project update 5 of 12

Final Board Design, Websockets, and Sensor Libraries

by Jim E

TD-XPAH v1.4

We have finalized the TD-XPAH board design and added a reset button. The v1.4 board includes minor changes from previous versions, mainly the silkscreen text size for the add-on hat pins. The one major change is the addition of a momentary reset pushbutton. Although a reset button is not absolutely necessary, we find it helpful, so you don’t need to move a DIP switch or unplug the USB cable to restart the board. Our experience is that a reset switch makes development and debugging a little bit easier.

TD-XPAH v. 1.4.3 board


Websocket code has been added to the Newracom SDK. This means real-time updates of add-on board data such as the Air Quality Sensor hAT readings and the Arducam camera images.

Websockets flowchart

Sensor libraries

We are committing SHT30 and SGP30 I2C sensor libraries to our nrc7292_sdk to our GitHub repo. The SHT30 sensor reports temperature and humidity in degrees Celsius and as a percentage of relative humidity. We checked in an easy-to-use library that supports this sensor very recently. Very soon, we will also check-in the SGT30 library. The SGT30 senses CO2 and Voltatile Organic Compound (VOC) levels. Both of these sensors are on the Air Quality Sensor hAT accessory board.

SHT-30 sensor

Next week’s update will showcase live sensor data graphed in real-time from the TD-XPAH GUI as well as the Ethernet hAT add-on accessory

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