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Long-range, low-power, sub-1 GHz frequency band communication

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Teledatics introduces groundbreaking advancements in wireless technology. Our upcoming Crowd Supply campaign isn’t just about launching new products — it’s about redefining wireless communication limits. Leveraging Wi-Fi HaLow and LoRa technologies, Teledatics new HaloMax™ and LoraMax™ products deliver extreme-range, extreme low-power wireless communication.

What are HaLow and LoRa?

HaLow is a new Wi-Fi standard designed for long-range, low-power connectivity. HaLow operates in the sub-1 GHz frequency bands, providing extended range and improved penetration through obstacles compared to traditional Wi-Fi. This makes it ideal for IoT devices, smart agriculture, industrial applications, and smart cities. HaLow supports standard Internet protocols like TCP/IP making it ideal for applications like video and voice.

LoRa (Long Range) is a wireless protocol specifically designed for extremely long-range, low-power communication. LoRa operates in the sub-gigahertz ISM bands as well, like HaLow, offering connectivity over several tens of kilometers while consuming minimal power, making it perfect for remote IoT applications and sensor networks. Compared to HaLow, LoRa has longer range but much lower throughput and is suitable for sending low-speed data at extreme distances.

Teledatics HaloMax™ and LoraMax™ product line supports both IEEE 802.11ah Wi-Fi HaLow and LoRa protocols, providing versatile and robust wireless connectivity options.

Teledatics HaloMax™ & LoraMax™ Products

TD-HALOM HaloMax™ Module

TD-LORAM LoraMax™ Module

TD-HALOC HaloMax™ Card

TD-LORAC LoraMax™ Card

TD-WRLS High Power m.2 Development Platform

TD-TLM1 HaloMax™ Drone Telemetry

TD-RPIM2E Raspberry Pi m.2 Daughter-board

Open Hardware TD-WRLS Add-On Boards

TE Connectivity 900 MHz Antennas

L00549 Antenna
ANT-916 Antenna
TE Antenna3

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