Tinusaur OLED Display Kit

An educational kit for using the ATtiny85 microcontroller to measure and display sensor data

Jan 21, 2019

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Meet the Tinusaur OLED Display Kit

We have just launched our crowdfunding campaign for the Tinusaur OLED Display Kit - a bundle of boards and modules that allows you to connect an ATtiny85 microcontroller to an SSD1306 OLED display. This is a kit, so you have to assemble the boards yourself by soldering the parts to the PCB, thus learning about electronics along the way. It might sound complicated at first, but the Tinusaur boards are very easy to assemble using the guides and tutorials we provide. Once all the boards are assembled, you could connect a DHT11 sensor module, measure temperature and humidity, and show the results on the screen.

With the Tinusaur OLED Display Kit, you get everything you need to start: the Tinusaur main board with the ATtiny85 microcontroller, the LED shield for testing, the OLED display shield, the SSD1306 OLED display, the DHT11 sensor module, a LiPo battery kit, and a USBasp programmer.

The Tinusaur is an open source project – both the software and the hardware. Our own library for with the display, called SSD1306xLED, is considered one of the fastest for that display and microcontroller, and we’re happy to share this kit that takes full advantage of it. Check out the main campaign page for details!

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