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An FPGA-based SoM with integrated vision, audio, and motion-sensing capability

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Post-campaign Review - Thanks!

by Venkat R

Hello everyone,

Whew! That was close, the campaign funded with an hour to spare. Thank you very much for making this project a reality.

Here’s the plan: We will be sending out boards for a pre-production run over the next couple of months to ensure all the design changes we have made work as planned, followed by a production run for delivery and fulfillment by Crowd Supply.

Vision SoM:

All planned changes to the Vision SoM have been made and it is now ready to send out for fabrication.

  • Added 2 mounting holes for mechanical stability.
  • Moved the image sensor to be symmetrical with the module.
  • Moved the IMU to be placed as close to the optical center of the image sensor.
  • Modified FPGA pin assignment that was preventing the PLL from being inserted into the design.

Developer Kit:

A couple of backers liked the ability to connect to a Raspberry Pi. Besides the design changes already planned for the developer kit, we added an RPi compatible connector on the developer kit so it can be an RPi shield.

In addition, we added the ability to connect up to 4 PWM servo’s to the developer kit. Heres a short video showing the Verilog running on an UPduino as a proof of concept. This feature would allow you to run a quad copter or RC car using the FPGA alone!

The board design is now complete and will be sent out for fab very soon.

Breakout Board:

The breakout board was rather bare and some backers gave us feedback about this. This has now been modified to be an Adafruit Feather form factor with the following features:

  • 100mA Li poly charger, JST connector
  • Micro USB for charging
  • QWIIC connector and I2C level translator to allow connection to the huge array of QWIIC compatible sensors, boards and displays

The layout is now complete and will be sent out for fabrication.

Artemis Adapter:

The Artemis adapter was supposed to be released as design files only. However, with the Breakout board being converted to the same form factor, the Artemis board has become obsolete and will not be pursued anymore.

Stay tuned for an update once the pre-production run is completed!

Thank you,


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Vision FPGA SoM

A FPGA Vision SoM to play with!


SoM Breakout Board

The SoM breakout board brings all SoM pins to 2.54 mm pitch pins for breadboarding, can't do without it! SoMe assembly required to solder the 2.54 mm headers on. Note: SoM is not included.


SoM Developer Board

One developer board that breaks out SoM IO with in-line LEDs, includes a Raspberry Pi HAT connector, allows for USB power (with power monitoring) and programming, includes PMOD and QWIIC connectors, and has room for prototyping. Note: SoM is NOT included.

Credits works closely with clients to incorporate low power CV into their devices. We are enabling CV with hardware in the form of tightly integrated CV modules with a clean API.

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