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Sep 18, 2017

Project update 8 of 13

Countdown to the µduino


Production is scheduled to begin at the end of next week (9/21 or 9/22) and should be wrapped by the end of the month. Optimistically, you all should start seeing your µduinos in the first few weeks of October. So close!

First production µduino!

I personally built a few for testing of the process and the new parts, and despite my shakey hands placing tiny parts, they came out great! I’m testing a variety of scripts on them as a final functionality check, so if anyone has any scripts they’d like tested in advance, send them to me and I’ll let you know how it goes! (uduino.info@gmail.com)

µduino first prototype (14mm square), second prototype (12.5mm square), final product (12mm square!)

This also allowed me to test the voltage switching, and so far it seems to be working flawlessly. The jumpers are small (1.27mm pitch is quite small) so you’d need pliers or tweezers to change position, but both levels work perfectly with the Atmega chip. The reset button is smaller than on previous prototypes, but still functions properly (and has that satisfying clicking sensation).

Test versions have a red LED, yours will be blue
µduino with jumper installed
µduino with jumper installed (bottom)
µduino with jumper installed (side)

It’s been a long road getting to this point, and we’re set to finish very soon! More info to follow, so stay tuned!



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