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Current State of the µduino

As the µduino is nearing production, there are a few things I’d like to update everyone on. Mainly, where we are with manufacturing and some more technical specifications. The PCBs are being fabricated as I am typing this, and should be complete by next week. Parts are ordered and are on their way to the manufacturer. I’ll be building a few early so I can test the power consumption and sleep mode settings, but the rest should be completed not long afterwards. I’ll keep you all updated along the way, but at the moment we’re waiting for all the pieces to come together to start building.


I’ve received a number of emails over the past week asking for what will be delivered with the units, what information will be available, etc. The µduino will be delivered with a pinout diagram as well as a quick-start guide for how to use and program the µduino. I’m currently working on the guide and that should be complete within the next week.

Schematic for the final µduino.

Schematic for the final µduino.

The second set of deliverables will be online. I’ll be posting the schematic and layout (shown here) along with the pinout diagram from my previous update online (looking into hosting websites).

Layout for the final µduino.

Layout for the final µduino.

Final Specifications

Below is a specification list which reflects the final design:

  • ATMEGA32U4 microcontroller
  • 6x Analog I/O ports
  • 14x Digital I/O ports (including Rx/Tx)
  • Power LED
  • 1x Power input (accepts up to 16 V DC)
  • Dual-power modes for 3.3 V and 5 V operation (jumper included)
  • 1x Power output (3.3 V or 5 V depending on what mode is selected)
  • 3x Ground ports
  • 1x Analog reference voltage port
  • Reset button
  • 16 MHz precision crystal oscillator
  • Micro-USB port for easy programming and prototyping
  • 1.27 mm pitch connector holes
  • Pre-programmed with Arduino bootloader
  • Voltage source protection (protects USB)
  • Maximum voltage supplied: 16.0 V DC
  • Minimum voltage supplied: 2.7 V DC
  • Maximum power consumption: 1.25 W (5 V @ 250 mA)
  • Minimum power consumption: 0.10 W (5 V @ 20 mA) - tested on prototype, subject to change

More updates to follow once production begins, so stay tuned!



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