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Dec 15, 2021

Project update 4 of 13

Offline Syncing with Unsurv

by Martin W

Synchronise your data automatically when coming home

After some background information in the last update, this update re-focuses on how to use unsurv offline. Today you will learn how to automatically synchronize offline any kind of data on your unsurv using a small home-grown server running on a Raspberry Pi.

After you set a latitude/longitude pair pointing to your home, unsurv offline can automatically detect if you are in close proximity. It then waits until it can connect to your Wi-Fi and asks the small Python-based Flask server for a one time password (OTP). If the server OTP is the same as the one generated on the device, it sends the data to the server. All files used for this demo are available on GitHub and can be freely used to build your own version.

In addition, you can see the BMA400 powered tap detection being utilised to communicate with the device. The tap is acknowledged with a quick LED blink and the server authorization starts.

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