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Dec 21, 2021

Project update 5 of 13

Unsurv's Companion Android App

by Martin W

It’s dangerous to go alone…

it’s best to have a companion. The update this week is about new features of the companion Android app which lets you interface with your unsurv offline. The app now supports the most popular use case of unsurv offline - a small form factor fitness tracker with complete control over your data. This app will be freely available on Google Play and the F-Droid stores. If you wish, you can always find the source code and the latest version on GitHub. To interface with your unsurv offline, just hold your phone close to the integrated dynamic NFC tag. Not only does this way to communicate save on power consumption in comparison to Bluetooth or WiFi, it is also harder to detect and snoop on from a distance. This privacy first approach is also present in the Android app, meaning no external trackers or similar technologies are used. The only outside connection is to the OpenStreetMap database for surveillance camera locations and a tile-provider to render the OSM map itself.

In the below screenshot, you can see the information you would see when clicking on a single marker after completing a fitness routine and reading the data via NFC. Please keep in mind the app is still in an early stage and all aspects of it will be improved upon (especially design) before you receive your device.

Screenshot showing NFC data

The second screenshot shows the ability to automatically detect what kind of data is being read via NFC while simultaneously offering a way to easily review past reports in a locally stored history log.

Screenshot showing marker data from a fitness routine

In the future, you can expect additional functionality such as statistics and surveillance heat maps to better understand the underlying data. If you wish to see the app in action detecting surveillance cameras, watch the demo video:

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