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Valtrack V4

A low-power 4G-LTE GPS vehicle tracker with Bluetooth & Wi-Fi connectivity

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Valtrack V4 is a low cost GPS tracking device which supports 4G-LTE-CAT1 networks. Its based on the ESP32-C3FH4 chipset and comes with built-in GNSS patch antenna and support for external GNSS active antenna. Program Valtrack V4 via the micro USB port with the help of VS Code and ESP-IDF, Espressif’s official IoT Development Framework for the ESP32. Valtrack V4 supports direct connection to a vehicle’s battery and backup battery for emergency uses.

This device can be used for tracking two-wheelers, four-wheelers and any other mobile equipment. Know the real time location of the vehicle, aid in prevention of theft, and recover it with the help of the on-board motion sensor. Valtrack V4 can be customized to send alerts when movement is detected, and since it logs data continuously to the server, you can know the route the vehicle has traveled.

Features & Specifications

Comparison Chart

Valtrack-V4FMC920Livewire VoltST-901L
ManufacturerValetron Systems Teletonika BrickHouse SinoTrack
Dimensions52 x 65 x 30 mm 79 x 43 x 12 mm 135 x 68 x 15 mm 90 x 52 x 17 mm
SIM cardNano SIM Micro SIM Micro SIM Normal SIM
Main Power Input6 V to 42 V DC 10 to 30 V DC 8 to 32 V DC 9 to 80 V DC
Backup Battery InputLiPo LiPo NiMh LiPo
Cellular Connectivity4G-LTE-CAT1+2G 4G-LTE-CAT1+2G LTE-CAT-M1+NB1+2G 4G-LTE-CAT1
BluetoothBluetooth 5+LE Bluetooth 4+LE No No
Wi-FiYes No No No
Enclosure IP ratingIP67 IP54 IP67 NA
Sleep Current0.35 mA 2 mA NA NA
LED Indicators3x RGB LED 2 3 3
External GNSS AntennaYes No No No
Fuel Sensor InputNo Yes No No
Open SourceHW + SW No No No

Open Source

You can find the full Valtack V4 documentation, including a getting started guide, configuration, programming and more in our Wiki.

Open Hardware:

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Valetron Systems was incorporated in January 2015 and we have been designing IOT products ever since. We have built hardware with technologies not limited to Cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, LoRaWAN. Our specialization is low power, small form factor designs.

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