A high-performance software defined radio covering 5-20 GHz

Feb 16, 2022

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VXSDR-20 Development Update

by Jeff Buente, Tom Wallace

First, we’d really like to thank everyone who’s signed up for updates on the VXSDR-20! We are very pleased that so many people are interested in our work. Here’s a quick update on how VXSDR-20 development is going:

We’re continuing to work on the software and test hardware and software performance, and that’s going well. We’re close to finalizing version 1.0 of the host API, and will open the GitHub repo for public access when we reach that point.

The initial release will be Linux-only; the build system and software should support Windows and Mac, but building and testing for those has not yet started, so that will be several months behind.

The C++ interface is in routine use, and we are testing the Python interface (implemented with PyBind11) now. We plan to use Python to control for our automated board testing and characterization setup, so that will be an important step.

There is one significant issue in manufacturing a new batch of boards for Crowd Supply: like almost everyone who makes electronics currently, we are struggling with parts availability. We’ve already redesigned the current board to replace several minor parts that have disappeared, but there’s one major part (the LMX2594 synthesizer) that there really isn’t a replacement for.

We’re still figuring out what to do about the synthesizer supply problem; if any of you happen to work for a company with some LMX2594’s you don’t need, please get in touch. We’d be happy to discuss either buying them or trading them for VXSDR-20s. You can reach us at vxsdr@vesperix.io.

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