A high-performance software defined radio covering 5-20 GHz

Sep 05, 2023

Host Library, API Docs, and GRCon Talk

Thanks very much to everyone who has been so patient while we wait for the supply chain problems to clear up! It looks like the parts we have been waiting on are back in stock for good, and we're going to move forward as quickly as we can to launch on Crowd Supply. Read the full update.

May 10, 2022

VXSDR-20 Rename and Update

Thanks to everyone for their interest in our VXSDR radios. Here's a quick update on our status, with the traditional good news and less-good news about VXSDR-20. Click through for the full update. Read the full update.

Feb 16, 2022

VXSDR-20 Development Update

First, we'd really like to thank everyone who's signed up for updates on the VXSDR-20! We are very pleased that so many people are interested in our work. Click though for a quick update on how VXSDR-20 development is going. Read the full update.

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