A modular, high-performance 8x8 MIMO transceiver for 4G/5G applications and more

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Jun 19, 2024

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We Are Live!

by Andrew Avtushenko

We are excited to announce that our campaign is now live on Crowd Supply! xMASS SDR is a modular, high-performance, 8x8 MIMO, PCIe software-defined radio (SDR) solution for 4G, 5G, and more. xMASS shares the same host code base as our uSDR board, which was released under the MIT license, and our universal support libraries are hosted on GitHub, which allows for an easy transition from uSDR to xMASS with minimal software modification requirements.

Check Out Our Workshop at Teardown 2024!

If you’re attending Teardown 2024 in Portland, Oregon, please come visit our workshop, where we’re going to Unleash the Power of uSDR: Native Apps, Web Platforms, and Beyond with M.2 SDR. We’ll also showcase our latest hardware including xMASS.

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xMASS SDR is part of AMD FPGA Playground

Key Components

one of the smallest and most cost-effective FPGAs available

xMASS SDR is part of Lime SDR Accelerator

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