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A modular, high-performance, 8x8 MIMO transceiver for 4G/5G applications and more

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xMASS SDR is a modular, high-performance MIMO transceiver beloved by industrial, academic, and advanced SDR users. It features 8 RX and 8 TX channels that can be synchronized. Its modular design enables simple maintenance and building of high-order MIMO systems using the same building blocks.

The system can operate at up to approximately 60 MSPS per 8 channels in sustained mode or approximately 100 MSPS per 4 channels, which is ideal for 5G/4G applications.

xMASS SDR consists of 4 micro SDR modules (xSDR) in M.2 2230 form factor, each module equipped with Lime Microsystems LMS7002 transceivers.

A Comprehensive MIMO Solution for 4G and 5G

Unlike inexpensive MIMO systems, xMASS can not just receive but also transmit signals. Its performance is not limited to directional finding and comprehensive spectrum monitoring. It is ideal for building advanced 4G or 5G solutions using srsRAN, Amarisoft, and other multi-user communication systems. Using beamforming, you can focus transmission on a specific location without touching the antenna.

xMASS can act as four independent transceivers; for example, you could use the 1st & 2nd for 4G, 3rd for PMR, and the 4th for spectrum monitoring. xMASS is easily controlled through GnuRadio for academic researchers and hi-end hobbyists

Features & Specifications

Simplified Block Diagram

Open Source

xMASS and xSDR share the same host codebase as the standard uSDR board, released under the MIT license. The universal support libraries are hosted on our GitHub. This allows for an easy transition from the small uSDR project to xMASS with minimal software modification. xMASS supports SoapySDR, GNU Radio, SRSRAN, and other SDR software.

Check out our GitHub page for more details. Pre-built packages are hosted on Launchpad. Moreover, we worked with Lime Microsystems to add LimeSuite support for the xMASS and xSDR boards, providing even more software options for an easy transition.

Our FPGA gateware is released under the CERN-OHL-P-2.0 license and can also be found on our GitHub page.

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xMASS SDR is part of Lime SDR Accelerator

xMASS SDR is part of AMD FPGA Playground

Key Components

one of the smallest and most cost-effective FPGAs available

About the Team

Wavelet Lab

Boston, USA  ·   usdr_pro  ·   usdr.pro  ·   wavelet-lab

Our team has been working with digital signal processing (DSP) and software-defined radio (SDR) for the past decade. We leverage that experience to bring the quality and usability of related hardware to the next level, lowering barriers to entry for new members of this growing industry while continuing to support its core developer community.

Andrew Avtushenko
Sergey Kostanbaev
Timur Davydov
Nikolay Zhukovsky

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