Park Place Snap-Front Jacket

A down-filled, waterproof jacket, comfortable and casual enough for everyday wear, from premium materials.

Apr 04, 2013

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Opinions on the Owl

Hello WILD Crowd Supply Supporters,

I have had an inquiry about the Owl logo and if it is totally appropriate for a technical street style like the Park Place. I would like to ask for your opinions on the matter.

Presently the logo is the WILD that is on the upper chest and is color matched to the shell fabric color. The Owl is not meant to be a logo but a WILD spirit or type of good luck charm… an embellishment that is not meant as a brand identifier. In fact the initial idea is that each year the spirit/charm icon would change to something different like a Lynx or a Bear or a Wolf or whatever… making each year’s product distinguishable by the icon. It goes against corporate branding 101 but that is the sort of the point.

Removing the Owl is very easy. However, I can’t remove it for one person and leave it for another.

So, I am interested in your opinions:

  1. Leave Owl Spirit as is.
  2. Remove completely
  3. Leave but make as tonal or non contrasted in color as possible.

Let me know your opinion by clicking the "Ask a Question" button at the bottom of the Park Place Snap-Front Jacket campaign page.

Thanks for your interest in and your support of WILD Outdoor Apparel.

WILD Outdoor Apparel

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