Park Place Snap-Front Jacket

A down-filled, waterproof jacket, comfortable and casual enough for everyday wear, from premium materials.

Apr 10, 2013

Project update 2 of 7

Decisions on the OWL

Hello WILD Crowd Supply Supporters,

The response was terrific from my last update, I really appreciate the feedback about the spirit Owl. The decision has been made to keep the owl, but I want to clarify the coloring.

The Obsidian color was intended to have an Obsidian colored Spirit Owl with the feather tips being black. This will be a very tonal and non-contrasted Owl for the most neutral color. The prototype had the wrong color logo mistakenly put on by the factory, but I mocked up what it will look like below.

The Estate Blue and Plaid versions have the correct Owl and it is tonal already, just with red feathers.

Again, thank you for the great feedback and your support to WILD Outdoor Apparel.


WILD Outdoor Apparel

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