Park Place Snap-Front Jacket

A down-filled, waterproof jacket, comfortable and casual enough for everyday wear, from premium materials.

May 08, 2013

Project update 5 of 7

Thank you for Making the Park Place a Success!

Hello WILD Outdoor Supporters,

Thanks to everyone who supported the Crowd Supply Campaign of the Park Place Snap-Front Jacket. We reached our goal and the production of the jacket will be begin in about a week. I sincerely appreciate everyone’s efforts to spread the news and to help WILD Outdoor Apparel gain a level of success I could not acheive alone. Thank you again for all of your help and support. See below for my latest product launch.

The Sweet Sister Down Hoodie has launched!

WILD Outdoor Apparel’s Sweet Sister Down Hoodie is the newest design to be launched into the market. It is live today on Crowd Supply. Please check it out and forward to people you think might be interested. Thank you for your help and support in making WILD Outdoor Apparel a success!

Thanks again to all of my supporters, and as always, stay WILD.


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