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The Burnside Alpha Jacket

Modern street wear and technical performance to get you from the mountain to the bar in style.

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The Burnside Alpha is…

  1. A premium jacket made from the same materials found in the world's best performance mountaineering gear. Classically designed to resist the fickle nature of fashion and versatile enough to be at home on the mountain or at the bar.
  2. Limited edition run. Only 120 jackets per color will be made. They are hand numbered, preserving your individuality.
  3. Bringing craftsmanship back in to the performance apparel industry. This jacket will last for years and years redefining value with premium materials, small batch attention to detail and uniqueness unable to be duplicated in mass produced garments.
  4. 100% designed, developed and manufactured right here in the USA. We pay living wages to our neighbors across the local supply chain while maintaining a smaller footprint along the way.
  5. Sold direct. Jackets made offshore with these materials are sold for upwards of $500 (or beyond!) . Selling direct allows me to use the finest materials and craftspeople available and still provide a fantastic value to the customer.
Burnside Alpha model standing

The Story

WILD Outdoor Apparel is a small design house located in Portland Oregon that specializes in the fusion of street design with performance fabric and technology. All WILD garments are designed, developed and manufactured in Oregon in numbered limited editions. Nothing is mass-produced. The Burnside Alpha editions are 120/color each hand numbered with your unique edition number. When the 120/120 edition number is reached there will never be another of that color/style made again.

The Burnside Alpha Jacket is the first WILD style that is all Made in Oregon. A rugged work inspired design, the Burnside Alpha is made from a technical water proof / breathable twill or denim, lined with Thermotech hollow yarn flannel and insulated with Polartec Alpha insulation. With quality materials, fine craftsmanship and limited editions the Burnside Alpha will keep you out of the me-too mass-produced world of outdoor mega brands and will become your go-to jacket for all conditions. From the mountain to the bar, WILD Outdoor Apparel seeks to protect an individual’s individuality.

Burnside Alpha model
Burnside Alpha model shot

We wanted to ensure this jacket looked good on the streets or for a night out. Thats why we designed an action back with highly articulated sleeve that allowed for a trimmer modern look without sacrificing comfort of ease of movement. The versatility of this jacket makes it suitable for just about any occasion.

All major stress points are reinforced with custom rivets. We even added custom cut, sewn and riveted zipper pulls that can be easily workable with gloves on, and add as a fashionable accent to the jacket.


Superior craftsmanship and commitment to quality

Burnside Alpha features grid

Shell Fabric

All three colors are made from rugged performance fabrics. The Drifter and Deep Space Green (almost black) colors use a nylon/polyester twill fabric, while the Denim uses a brushed polyester denim. Both shell fabrics are waterproof, breathable and windproof yet retain a soft pliable hand. Their waterproof rating pressure test is 10,000mm. This is nearly 7x the minimum waterproof rating!

Interior & Pocket Fabric

The plaid in the interior is a hollow yarn polyester brushed flannel. Hollow yarn makes the fabric light and traps air in the core of the fibers for greater insulation value. It looks and feels like your favorite flannel shirt but with performance features. The hollow yarn flannel also lines the hand pockets to keep your valuables, or your hands warm.


We use Polartec Alpha insulation in our jackets. This redefining synthetic insulation was developed for people in extreme conditions and is used in some of the highest rated outdoor performance gear on the planet. Polartec Alpha is warm, breathable and very lightweight. This breathable insulation allows for air exchange and works in tandem with the WPB shell fabric to keep you dry and comfortable in a wide range of temps and activity. You don’t have to climb mountains to wear this jacket, just know that the Polartec Alpha will keep you warm during the next Polar Vortex!

Polartec Alpha image

Modern Smart Fit

We designed a custom articulated sleeve and action back for comfort and full range of motion. The result is a modern fit that allows you to move comfortably in a wide range of activities and still allows room to layer without being boxy.

Burnside Alpha sleeve and back shot
Burnside Alpha model on bench

Made in Oregon

All of our garments are designed and handcrafted right here in Oregon. This local supply chain allows for better quality control, faster turn around times, reduced shipping time and reduced use of natural resources. The result is a superior quality garment while paying living wages to workers here in Oregon that reduces our footprint in the process.

Limited Edition

All WILD products are Limited Edition garments, small batch made and individually numbered. Chances are strong you will never run into someone wearing the same jacket as you, preserving your individual taste with a truly unique piece. Only 120 Burnside Alpha jackets in each color will be produced.

Spirit Owl

The Owl on the inside of the jacket is not meant to be a logo, but a WILD spirit animal, or type of good luck charm. The idea is that each year the spirit/charm icon will change to something different like a lynx or a bear, wolf etc. This will make each year’s product distinguishable by the icon.

Premiums & Pledge Levels

The Burnside Alpha Jacket is available today in three different colors. The Deep Space Green (a very dark green bordering on black) and Drifter colors are in the Rugged Twill. The Denim color is the brushed denim fabric. Both fabrics have the same technical features. The retail store price for these small batch made in the USA technical garments is \$495 but the Crowd Supply order price is \$295.

Burnside Alpha Trio of Colors
Burnside Alpha tree pose

Dimensions & Sizing Chart

These are the actual garment dimensions. You should choose a size larger than your own exact measurements. As a general guide, keep in mind that this fit is smaller than Columbia Sportswear, but larger than Arc’teryx. Size exchanges available if in-stock.

ChestSweepSleeveBack Length
Burnside Alpha sizing diagram

Washing Instructions

Manufacturing Plan

I have over 15 years experience in the outdoor/ski apparel business in design, merchandising, fabric sourcing and production. I have established a network of partners that allows me to produce top quality technical garments that are highly designed, unique and technical right here in Oregon. The factory and development partners I work with are small businesses devoted to their craft. The Burnside Alpha Jacket has a numbered edition run of 120 per color.

Burnside Alpha limited edition tag

The actual sewing time for the Burnside’s limited run is about 8 weeks. We may need more time to receive all of the components however – like the snaps or the Thermotec flannel fabric – because everything is from scratch custom. This could add another 8 weeks. The total delivery time then from the end of the sale would be 4 months.

Risks & Challenges

The biggest risk to any apparel project is a small number of orders. Making 50 Burnside Alpha Jackets would cost double that of making 150 or example. I am able to make a very limited run of Burnside Alpha Jackets (as the edition numbers of 120 indicate) and the only challenge is getting all the components made and delivered on time. These third party vendors (fabric, snaps, Alpha insulation) could run into production issues that pushes back my delivery schedule. The 4 month delivery time I have quoted is very achievable, but there is always a small risk of delay when working with more than one vendor.

Dan Tiegs in office

About WILD

WILD Outdoor Apparel is a small design house located in Portland, Oregon that specializes in the fusion of street design with performance fabric technology. All WILD garments are designed, developed and manufactured in Oregon in numbered Limited Editions. Nothing is mass produced. Crafted with innovative use of fabric and technology, WILD bridges the performance and street worlds.

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"Made to be worn year-round, the jacket is insulated with Polartec Alpha, a breathable fabric that keeps the body comfortable in all weather."

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"insulated with Polartec Alpha insulation that will not only keep you stylin’ on the mountain, but most importantly warm and dry."

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"The apparel is technical, well designed, and aims to inject some fun and excitement into the outdoor enthusiast’s wardrobe."

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"you probably need it now more than any other time since the groundhog apparently thinks winter should stick around another six weeks."

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"The real draw, is to allow Portlanders to buy a product designed and made locally."

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"…you get the benefit of owning a cool jacket that you won’t see on every Joe Shmoe."

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Produced by WILD Outdoor Apparel in Portland, OR.

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Burnside Alpha - Denim

$295 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

Burnside Alpha - Deep Space Green

$295 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

Burnside Alpha - Drifter

$295 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

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WILD Outdoor Apparel is a design house from Portland, OR specializing in technical apparel that takes you from the mountain to the bar with aplomb.

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