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Goal Met and Demo Videos

We met our crowd funding goal, yay! Now I’m trying to get the stretch goal of 20 robots. Please spread the word if you can. If we make it to 20 robots, I will include extras for the first backers in their shipment. This will be magnets for Robotroll and Capture the flag, spare tires, and an extra body to paint the way you like it. I added these four videos to show basic operation and the latest work done on Skoobot.

Skoobot creator, Bill Weiler

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Oct 12 2018
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William Weiler Engineering

William Weiler Engineering is a software/hardware company focused on hacker toys, STEM, and Edtech. Our goal is helping kids and adults learn robotics, software and embedded programming through online tutorials and workshops. Our special focus is helping kids on the Autism spectrum gain interpersonal skills through social games involving robots. Our slogan is "Make it work, make it shine."

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