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Skoobot News and Latest Development

Greetings all,

A lot has been going on over the past week. See a roundup below:

Next week, more marketing (ugh). I have installed OpenCV on the Pi for machine vision -and I ordered the pi camera. I also attended an intro on ROS (Robotic Operating System) and I am prepping the pi for that (ROS also interfaces to OpenCV).

I got a Puck from Adafruit. A Puck has BLE and Espruino, a Javascript interrupter for IoT. When my other parts arrive, I will control the Skoobot with the Puck and do something cool, like using the sensors on the Puck to control the Skoobot. Like raising the temperature of the Puck with a blow dryer and making the Skoobot spin faster, or something …


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