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A tiny robot for games, exploration, and programming

May 29, 2019

Quick Status Update

I am going to try and finish them by June-end and then get started on pre-order sales. Read the full update.

Jan 22, 2019

Production Update

As production proceeds, I made these videos. Plus, an update on delivery dates. Read the full update.

Oct 17, 2018

Production Begins + Survey Request

Production begins. Facebook pages, forums and surveys. Read the full update.

Oct 10, 2018

The Skoobot Campaign is Ending Soon

Help spread the word during the last two days of the campaign! Read the full update.

Sep 18, 2018

Skoobot News and Latest Development

Its been a busy few weeks for Skoobot. Catchup on the latest news. Read the full update.

Aug 29, 2018

Crowdfunding Campaign is Live

Hi, I'm Bill Weiler, maker of Skoobot. The crowdfunding campaign for Skoobots is now live and accepting pledges. Skoobot is a tiny robot for games, creative software, and ultimately, a multi-player game tool for teaching kids with special need social skills. I got the idea from watching kids at a SpecEd camp interact around a spinning-top toy. Using Skoobot, and the latest SpecEd research, I hope to make a solution that can accelerate learning. Skoobot is a great hacker toy in it's own right, with many technologies to learn and be creative with. Please show your support on the campaign page and share the project with your friends. Read the full update.

$5,016 raised

of $1,000 goal

501% Funded! Order Below

Product Choices


Support Us!

Thanks for helping make the Skoobot a reality! You will be rewarded with good karma and regular backer updates.


Skoobot Basic

This basic kit for using and developing on Skoobot includes a Skoobot and a companion board.


Skoobot Advanced

This advanced kit includes a Skoobot, a companion board, jumper wires, and a J-link EDU programmer.


Skoobot Developer

This developer kit includes a Skoobot, a companion board, jumper wires, a J-link EDU programmer, and an Android cellphone pre-loaded with the Skoobot app.


Skoobot Swarm (5)

This swarm contains five Skoobots and five companion boards. Good for formal and informal robotics research.


Skoobot Swarm (10)

Contains a swarm of ten Skoobots and ten companion boards. Good for formal and informal robotics research.


William Weiler Engineering

William Weiler Engineering is a software/hardware company focused on hacker toys, STEM, and Edtech. Our goal is helping kids and adults learn robotics, software and embedded programming through online tutorials and workshops. Our special focus is helping kids on the Autism spectrum gain interpersonal skills through social games involving robots. Our slogan is "Make it work, make it shine."

William Weiler



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