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YugenFlow v2

A compact, easy-to-use, low-power, bidirectional, thermal-detection sensor that respects privacy

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YugenFlow v2 is a compact, easy-to-use, low-power, smart thermal sensor board that uses a low-resolution thermal sensor to detect the presence of a person and determine if the person is moving in a given direction. The sensor determines a direction along one axis and its physical meaning depends on how the sensor is mounted. YugenFlow does not require motion to detect presence, but can use it to determine direction. The sensor can detect and "track" up to two people at the same time with a distance of about 40cm. It is also very fast.

Privacy Concerns, Begone

YugenFlow does not have the usual people-tracking privacy issues, as it is unable to actually determine who the person in question is, or any of their personal details. We have even verified this with a local privacy commissioner.

How? The sensing is based on a temperature reading from a low resolution thermopile, which is unable to determine anything besides if a person has passed below the sensor in one direction or the other. This makes it perfect for any human sensing project where privacy is important.

How Does it Work?

The sensor can be used in two modes:

PUSH - The sensor sends a stream of data where it provides a number in the range [-2. 2] to indicate how many people have passed and in which direction (two people moving in opposite directions might result in either 0 or +1 and -1).

PULL - An application can read the internal three counters that contain the number of people that have passed in a given direction, and the difference from the last time the counters were reset.

Features & Specifications

YugenFlow will come in two versions:

YugenFlow: Integrated This sensor comes with a fully integrated ESP board and additional firmware so that it can be connected to a Wi-Fi network. It can send data via a MQTT protocol or via a TCP protocol. Code examples (python, golang and C++) as well a complete golang application server will be provided that use the native TCP protocol.

YugenFlow: Grove This sensor communicates to an host board (e.g. Arduino) via a grove connector using an Arduino library, which will be provided.

YugenFlow: Integrated:

YugenFlow: Grove:

Comparison Chart

YugenFlowAXIS P8815-2 3D People CounterLZR®-SIGMAVivotek SC8131
LicenseOSHW Closed Closed Closed
Schematics Published?Yes No No No
Design files Published?Yes No No No
LicenseMIT Closed Closed Closed
Source code publishedYes No, software not included w/hw No No
Privacy Respected?Yes In software by anonymisation Yes By computation on board instead of video streaming
Night operationYes No Yes No
Sensing domainPassive Thermal Infrared Passive Visible light Active Wavelength 905 nm Passive Visible light
Sensor typeThermopile Camera LASER scanner, time-of-flight measurement Camera
Main FunctionalityBi-directional counting Bi-directional counting Bi-directional counting Bi-directional counting
Temperature Range-25° C to 55° C if powered (storage -40° C to 85° C) 0° C to 55° C if powered (storage -45° C to 65° C) -25° C to 55° C if powered (storage -35° C to 70° C) -10° C to 40° C if powered (storage 0° C to 40° C)
PowerExternal DC power PoE External DC power or PoE USB2 or PoE
Data TransferSerial, Wi-Fi (bluetooth might be added) Ethernet Ethernet / 3G Ethernet, MicroSD/SDHC/SDXC slot
Installation TypeCeiling from 2 m to 4 m Ceiling from 2.5 m to 6 m Ceiling from 2 m to 5.5 m Ceiling depending range depende on model
Counting Width CoverageAbout double of mounting height (ratio 1:1.85) Equivalent to mounting height (ratio 1:1) Equivalent to mounting height (ratio 1:1)Dependent on model (2.5 m to 5 m)

Open Source

Open source information can be found on GitHub.

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"Soon to be launching via the Crowd Supply website is a small, compact and easy-to-use low-power bidirectional, thermal detection sensor, that also respects your privacy. "


"[YugenFlow] is a compact, easy-to-use, low-power, intelligent thermal sensor board that uses a low-resolution thermal sensor to detect the presence of a person."

About the Team


Bonheiden, Belgium  ·   xetal.eu

We are a small company developing sensors and software for low-resolution thermal imaging. We focus on applications for real-time contextual monitoring from people localisation to hazard detection. Our sensors are used for elderly monitoring, office automation, security systems, etc.

Francesco Pessolano
Marco Camilli

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