An open source rotary encoder with programmable digital display

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Roendi (Rotary Encoder with Display) features a STM32L433 MCU, 1.28" TFT round display and a Alps Alpine 15Pulses/30Detent encoder. It can be programed either using ST-LINK/V2 or Arduino IDE, and is open source & open hardware. This rotary encoder is suitable for integration into projects as a unique user interface, or can be used as standalone development board. All pins not used by the encoder are broken out to the peripheral of the board.

Roendi is an excellent interface for a variety of uses, including volume control, temperature control, and light control. It is a useful addition to home automation systems, and would make a unique custom HID device.

Features & Specifications

  • MCU: STM32L433 with USB and RTC
  • Display: Round 1.28" TFT LCD Display
  • Rotary Encoder: 15 Pulses / 30 Detent
  • NOR Flash: 128 Mbits
  • LDO: 3 V 400 mA
  • Open source / Open hardware
  • Aluminum or 3D printed body. CAD files will be available for custom prints.
  • Can be programmed with STM32CubeIDE 1.6.1 or Arduino IDE

Open Source

Roendi is open source. You can find schematics, pinouts, demo software, enclosure CAD files and more on GitHub.

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