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The Last Day of Our Campaign!

by Piotr Esden-Tempski

Hey Everyone!

We’re in the last few hours of the Glasgow campaign, and we’re ecstatic to see how far it has come. We’re also looking forward to getting started with production!

Meanwhile, if you know someone who’d want to receive their Glasgow as part of the initial production run, we’d be very grateful if you’d remind them before that clock runs down. Thanks!

Post-Campaign Availability

Some of you have asked what will happen after the campaign ends. The short answer is that you will still be able to pre-order Glasgow (and the aluminum case) from our campaign page on Crowd Supply. Later on, both products will show up on the 1BitSquared and Mouser Electronics stores as well.

However, the prices will be going up slightly for both Glasgow and the aluminum case after the campaign ends. You will have to wait until we are done fulfilling all the campaign pledges, before the general pre-order fulfillment begins. So backing the campaign now is definitely the fastest way to get your hands on Glasgow.

And, to everyone who has already backed the project: thank you so much. We are blown away by the support and interest. We can’t wait to get Glasgow shipped out to you!

Manufacturing Status

We are currently ordering parts and waiting for prototype cases to arrive. As production moves forward, we’ll be sure to keep you informed. Our next update will include details about (and photographs of) the case. Until then, here’s a teaser! ;)

As always, you can follow along with Glasgow-related development via:

And don’t forget to support continued development of Glasgow and related projects through Whitequark’s Patreon!


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Glasgow revC

You get one Glasgow revC and a full set of flywire, sync, and USB-C cables.


Glasgow Aluminum Case

A beautiful CNC-milled and anodized aluminum case to keep your Glasgow safe -- from short circuits on the bench or the exercise shorts in your travel bag. Glasgow not included.



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