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An open video development board in a PCI express form factor that supports overlaying content on encrypted video signals. Let's bring open video to the digital age!

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Funded! And Kebel's Awesome Idea

I’m super-excited that the campaign has hit two major goals: first, we’re 100% funded, so the project is a go! Thank you for enabling me to build this hardware. I’m looking forward to building your NeTV2 and sharing a few stories about my journey along the way.

Second, I’m already getting some amazing feedback about the sorts of things people might do with the NeTV2 — if only they had the right to do it. My favorite so far is a suggestion by Kebel, which he wrote up on GitHub.

The basic idea is a Patreon-like service for actors. The NeTV2 in libre mode feeds video to an AI that recognizes the faces or names of stars. Whenever they come on screen or roll in the credits, the viewer is given the opportunity to send a tip. This would enable fans to support artists directly, through all types of works — not just big budget movies, but also through TV interviews and appearances, as well as through personal YouTube or Twitch feeds. It also enables artists to connect more directly with their fans, as it also gives direct feedback on which scenes and engagements generated the most interest.

If you have an idea for what you might do if you had the legal right to process video, please document it using your favorite linkable editing tool (git, wiki, gdocs, pastebin) and open an issue against the netv2-ideas repository. This helps track all the cool ideas that are currently ephemerally floating around on Twitter and in emails.

While it’s easy to measure and celebrate the monetary progress of a crowdfunding campaign, documenting and gathering great ideas like this is of equal importance.

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Product Choices


NeTV2 - Just the Board

Just the NeTV2 open video development board plus a 12V power supply. For the power developer who has their own JTAG box or the hobbyist who enjoys spending an afternoon provisioning a Raspberry Pi with the NeTV2 dev tools. Includes FPGA: Xilinx Artix-7 XC7A35T


NeTV2 Quickstart Package

For developers and users who want to skip the screwdrivers and go straight to a SSH prompt. The Quickstart Package is a turnkey solution for open video, optimized for video overlay. It's an NeTV2 dev board bundled with a Raspberry Pi 3 B+, 8 GiB SD card with pre-loaded base firmware package, power supply, and our custom HDMI Jumper, all assembled into a case and fully tested. Ready for you to SSH in and load your application code!


NeTV2 - Just the Case

All the plastic parts necessary to protect and mount your NeTV2 dev board: case top and bottom, front bezel, light pipes, standoffs, and screws. If you plan to mate this with your own Raspberry Pi as a video source, you'll also want to get the Custom HDMI Jumper.


Thermal Management Kit

Keep your NeTV2 cool with this thermal management kit that includes 30 mm fan with pre-crimped cable, mounting bracket, and a set of screws for attaching the fan to the bracket, and the bracket to the Peek Array in the NeTV2 enclosure.


Custom HDMI Jumper

Even the shortest HDMI cables don't quite fit inside the NeTV2 case, so we built a custom PCB that provides impedance-controlled differential pairs to bridge between the Raspberry Pi overlay video source and the NeTV2 open video dev board. Make sure to select the correct FPGA image when using this cable, as it leverages the pinout flexibility of the FPGA to optimize signal routing.



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