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Maple Eye ESP32-S3 Alef

A compact, open source, battery powered AI & IoT development board with camera, microphone and displays

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Maple Eye ESP32-S3 Alef is a compact AI & IoT development board based on the ESP32-S3 SoC and ESP-WHO, Espressif’s AI development framework. It features a 2 Megapixel camera for image recognition, a microphone for audio processing and two LCD displays.

Maple Eye ESP32-S3 Alef offers plenty of storage, with an 8 MB Octal PSRAM and an 8 MB flash. It supports image transmission via Wi-Fi and debugging through a Micro-USB port. With ESP-WHO you can develop a variety of AIoT applications, such as a smart doorbell, surveillance systems, a facial recognition time clock, etc.

Useful, Practical Applications from Smart Doorbells to Baby Monitors

You can develop a wide array of practical applications based on AI + IoT. From human facial detection and recognition, to gesture recognition, even cat facial detection, Maple Eye ESP32-S3 Alef is suited to all of those tasks and more.

For example, you could design an unusually smart doorbell. Just input your facial image data to Maple Eye ESP32-S3 Alef’s camera. The LCD can display the real-time image and status of what’s in front of the camera. When the captured facial image data matches with the input data, the door can unlock or open. Monitoring systems are also possible, say, for a cat or pet. Maple Eye ESP32-S3 Alef can interface with motors to move and track things at home that you monitor from afar. The only limit is your imagination and needs.

Features & Specifications

Open Source

You can find all our open source files, including schematic, BOM and firmware, in our GitHub repo.

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