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Aug 03, 2020

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The First Batch of PCBs is Ready

by ANAVI Technology

Great news! On Friday we received the first batch of printed circuit boards (PCB) for ANAVI Fume Extractor.

Each printed circuit board (PCB) has a green solder mask and a gold surface finish. They are grouped together on panels. Each panel contains 6 boards. They have already passed electrical tests. Appropriate components have been mounted using the surface-mount technology and the rest of the components have been soldered manually with the so called through-hole technology. All these procedures have been done in a small local factory in my hometown Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

The next steps will be to flash the open source firmware to the boards, test them, and package the kits. After that we will provide them to Crowd Supply and they will take care of shipping them to you. Don’t hold your breath because these steps will require several weeks. The estimated shipping date remains Oct 29, 2020 although with some luck we might be able to do it ahead of schedule. In the mean time, the local factory is on vacation until mid-August. I expect the second batch of printed circuit boards in September.

Thank you again for supporting the ANAVI Fume Extractor. It is an entirely open source project designed with free and open source software. As you can see, we try to keep the process very transparent and notify you promptly through regular updates.

Thanks, Leon

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