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Dec 06, 2017

Project update 7 of 21

Haasoscope is funded!

Thanks to everyone who’s helped make Haasoscope a successful project! There’s still some time left to get Haasoscope stuff at the campaign prices. Once the campaign closes, I’ll make the order for the first production batch!

As far as development, I’ve continued to add functionality to the firmware and software. It’s pretty easy, and you’ll be able to do it soon too (open source everything!). Today I added a "runt trigger" - the ability to trigger on an unusual signal that doesn’t occur often. In this case, I added a trigger that only fires when the signal is above threshold 1, but below threshold 2, for a given amount of time. This lets me capture events like this:

(Please excuse the noise - this is an old prototype board!)

In other news, the latest prototype just arrived in the mail today - I look forward to testing it out!

Best, Andy.

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