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Introducing our new “TB Squeeze Pack!” - At 1.15 oz and packed with all-natural energy and nutrition, these little guys are the epitome of healthy convenience on-the-go.

Jun 03, 2014

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A Quick Progress Update

Hey Everybody!

We wanted to send you a quick update on the Trail Butter Squeeze Packs.

Since reaching the funding goal on April 20th, we’ve been working behind the scenes to plan the first run of pouches. This process has been an education in food manufacturing, to say the least.

In addition to a copacker who will be producing the TB for us, we now have a facility lined out that will be filling the pouches.

This additional production partner was an unexpected turn of events that caused a slight delay in bringing the Squeeze Pack to market, but will, in the end, result in a much better, more user-friendly product. Check out the refined pouch shape along with the latest artwork shown above that will make it even easier to enjoy Trail Butter on-the-go! (Comments on design and artwork welcome!)

With the manufacturing partners in place we are finalizing artwork, conducting test batches to make sure the quality of TB is maintained, and sourcing ingredients for the first production run.

As with many things, this process is taking a little longer than expected. We are still gunning to have the pouch in your hands in June as promised, but would be very grateful for a little bit of your patience, as we take on unforeseen bumps in the road. Above all, we are doing whatever it takes to deliver a high-quality, shelf-ready product to you and the rest of the adventure-going, food-loving world.

To keep you guys apprised of the latest twists and turns of this process, please look for weekly updates from here on out.

And by the end of this week, look for your coupon codes, so you can start taking advantage of your discounts right-away.

Thanks again for your support everyone. We can’t wait to get the Squeeze Pack out to you so it can start fueling your summer adventures.

Best regards,

Jeff, Brad & Team

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