Bogg's Trail Butter

Introducing our new “TB Squeeze Pack!” - At 1.15 oz and packed with all-natural energy and nutrition, these little guys are the epitome of healthy convenience on-the-go.

Apr 23, 2014

Project update 8 of 23

The Pack is Backed: Thank you!!

Now that the Squeeze Pack campaign is officially over, we’d like to once again thank all of you for your critical role in funding this project. We appreciate your support that lasted until the very end, with a final day push propelling us above the $9K mark, putting the cap on 2 months of Team Trail Butter domination! First things first…for those of you in the Portland area, we’re getting together this Saturday, April 26th to celebrate the campaign success, with a trail run in the Gorge, followed by a beach picnic at Rooster Rock. Check out the event details HERE. Please RSVP on Facebook so we have an idea of how many will be joining. Looking forward, we’re working hard to stay on schedule for a June shipment of all of your pledge rewards packages. This mainly involves getting our Squeeze Pack manufacturer up to speed and familiar with the product so he can go smoothly into production. We’re also finalizing packaging artwork. We’ll keep you all in the loop with periodic updates as this process progresses. Thanks so much for being part of the team. Looking forward to an exciting summer. See some of you on Saturday! Jeff, Brad & Jenn

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