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Mar 04, 2024

Project update 6 of 8

Call Sign Detection, Morse Code Deciphering, Digest Mode, and More!

by Mark J. Hughes, Jesse Robinson, Kaushlesh C

Hello to All Our Amazing Supporters!

At Boondock Technologies, we innovate to bring you the most advanced and user-friendly experience. This week, we’re excited to announce some groundbreaking additions to Boondock Echo that we are confident will excite the amateur radio community!

But act fast - the campaign ends on Thursday! The only way you’re guaranteed to be in the first shipping batch is to order before the deadline on Thursday. Be sure to tell your friends and neighbors about Boondock Echo!

Remember, we’re on a "Drive for Five!" - 500% of our funding goal and 500 newsletter subscribers. The only way we get there is with your help. We’re currently at 379% funded and 404 subscribers. Please share, share, share!

Meet the Makers

If you have any questions or reservations that you’d like to discuss, we’ll be live on YouTube Tuesday night at 6 PM Pacific time (9 PM Eastern).

📡 Cutting-Edge Call Sign Detection

Automatic Call Sign Recognition: Boondock Echo will soon automatically detect amateur radio call signs! This advanced feature seamlessly integrates with the amateur radio database, paving the way for future innovations in spotting reports and auto-logging capabilities. We just implemented it, we’ll have to work the bugs out before we release it.

Imagine the possibilities. With this new function, tracking and logging become more efficient, which enhances your amateur radio experience!

🔍 Morse Code Deciphering

Inclusive Technology for All Hams: In our mission to make amateur radio accessible to everyone, we’ve introduced a feature that can detect and decipher Morse code. This is a significant step forward, especially for hams who have lost or only have a limited sense of hearing.

With this new feature, understanding Morse code becomes easier and more inclusive, ensuring that everyone in the ham community can participate fully, regardless of their abilities. There’s still a lot of work to make the feature robust enough for daily use, but we’re on that journey.

Digest Mode

Meeting Notes for Net Controllers Any net controller will tell you that logging nets is a pain and a half. Usually, we’re happy to capture call signs. But now, a net (normal or emergency) can be so much more! We can capture all audio around an event or time-frame you specify!

Think of the possibilities — you can capture police scanners, emergency nets, radio club meetings, and more!

🌟 Looking Ahead

These latest advancements are just the beginning. We’re committed to continuous improvement and expanding the capabilities of Boondock Echo. Your support and feedback are invaluable in this journey. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements shortly!

🙏 Your Support Makes the Difference

We couldn’t do this without you. Your enthusiasm and support fuel our innovation. Let’s continue to grow this community and bring cutting-edge technology to amateur radio enthusiasts worldwide.

Join us on Discord and subscribe to our channel on YouTube. Thank you for being an integral part of this exciting journey!

With Warm Regards,

Jesse, KC, Mark
Boondock Technologies, LLC

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