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Feb 14, 2024

Project update 4 of 11

Thanks, Videos, and More

by Jesse Robinson, Kaushlesh C, Mark J. Hughes

Hello Amazing Supporters,

We’re over the moon with joy!

Our Boondock Echo campaign is not just a success; it’s a phenomenon! Thanks to your incredible support, we’ve rocketed past our goal with a jaw-dropping 287% funding! 🚀 And hold on, because there’s more: our YouTube channel subscriber count also skyrocketed by over 2,500 subscribers in just the last week! This is cause for a massive "Whoohoo!" 🎉

But wait, there’s still a chance to join this exciting journey! The first production batch will close once the campaign ends, so order yours now to be part of this thrilling adventure and avoid the wait for batch number two! And if you’ve already ordered, please share the Boondock Echo device and the resources below amongst your social networks.

Dive into the World of Boondock Echo

Discover the Magic: Our wizard of tech, Kaushlesh Chandel (KC), KD9VFU, has conjured up a captivating series of ‘shorts’ that unveil the mysteries of using the Boondock Echo. Missed them last week? Dive in now and be amazed!

Enlightening Series: Spend Less Measure Test

Join us for an enlightening journey with our new series The Spend Less Measure Test. In our debut episode, watch as I put the most budget-friendly nanoVNA from Amazon to the test, along with a dipole antenna and the NooElec ham filter Bank. New to nanoVNA? This video is your perfect starting point.

More from Our Universe:

Connect and Converse on Discord

Our Discord server is bustling with excitement, and it’s missing just one thing - you! Join our vibrant community and add your unique voice to our growing family.

Be Our Voice

Your help in spreading the word is invaluable. By sharing our videos and blogs, you’re not just promoting Boondock Echo; you’re bringing a revolutionary tool to more passionate amateur radio enthusiasts. Let’s keep this momentum going and make Boondock Echo a household name in the world of amateur radio.

A Heartfelt Thank You

We’re endlessly grateful for your support. Stay tuned for more thrilling updates and developments from the Boondock Technologies cosmos!

With Warm Regards,

Jesse, KC, Mark
Boondock Technologies, LLC

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