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A breadstick built for your breadboard.

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M4-Breadstick is a unique Microchip SAMD51 development board compatible with CircuitPython, Arduino, and Microchip Studio. It helps maximize your breadboarding cleanliness and efficiency by minimizing the length and number of jumper wires you need. It does this by spacing I/O pins along the full length of your breadboard.

Rapidly Prototype While Minimizing Mistakes

M4-Breadstick is both fun and incredibly useful. Imagine you are teaching CircuitPython to a classroom of students - this design will minimize the number of mistakes a student will make and also lessen the amount of time a teacher will spend helping a student troubleshoot. You will also find M4-Breadstick handy for rapid prototyping. Pots attached to A1 and A20 are automatically connected to 3.3 V and GND, so no additional wires are needed, and the LED strip can be conveniently used as a bar graph. The LED strip is also fast enough to be used as a POV display, meaning if things get exciting in your workspace you could wave it through the air and draw images, or use it for nighttime light painting.

Features & Specifications

Open Source

You can find our design files and code in our Github.

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M4-Breadstick is part of Microchip Get Launched!

In the Press

Adafruit Industries

"The M4-Breadstick microcontroller board is an adaptation of Adafruit’s Itsy-Bitsy M4 Express development board. It’s currently running CircuitPython with Arduino to come."


"Welcome to the Electromaker Show, episode 57! This week we cover some inventive DIY smart home projects, a new contest from Arduino, and some novel new hardware funding campaigns."



"We think this is a great idea that will definitely make microcontrollers more hackable. This type of layout would make checking students’ work a breeze, and you can make tidy prototypes with it yourself after class"

About the Team

Breadstick Innovations

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Taking breadboard-compatible to the next level.

Michael Rangen


Cody Jacob


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