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Feb 13, 2020

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Pre-Orders Expected to Ship Earlier Than Anticipated

by Gino Magarotto

The last week was a bit uneventful. As you are no doubt aware, Chinese sales and shipping orders have been delayed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. We are still waiting for many parts, including the PCBs, to be sent to us.

Mechanical Limit Switches

After a few unsuccessful trials, we decided against using the TMC2209 sensorless homing feature, and will instead go with mechanical limit switches. The necessary signals for sensorless homing are still broken out on the PCBs, though, so the feature can be added in the future.

Focusing on the Dual Head SimplePnP With Bottom-Vision

We have updated the product page after deciding to sell only the most capable (and the most popular) SimplePnP model: the one with dual vacuum heads and both top- and bottom-vision cameras. We are also selling nozzles and strip feeders, of course.

Moving Up the Estimated Ship Date for Pre-Orders

Despite current supply chain delays, we expect to ship machines that are purchased in the currently-available batch about one month earlier than we originally anticipated. The page has been updated accordingly.

We’ll keep you informed as things start moving forward again!

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