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CLiCC Remote

ESP32-based MQTT remote with eight tactile buttons and a pocket clip for home automation and more

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CLiCC Remote is a portable, wireless, eight-button remote capable of drawing power from a 3.7-V LiPo battery (sold separately). Our current demo code sends MQTT messages over Wi-Fi, and we’ve been working toward an update that will support Bluetooth LE communication with Android devices.

Thanks to the incredibly flexible and wildly popular ESP32 module at its core—and the open-source software that drives it—CLiCC Remote will eventually do whatever you want it to. Examples might include

Most importantly, CLiCC Remote has clicky buttons that feel great when you click them. (And a pocket clip so you can click them whenever you want. Within reason, of course.)


Technical Specifications

Open Source

Our PCB design files and sample code for sending MQTT messages over Wi-Fi are on GitHub. We are currently developing sample code for Bluetooth communication and STL files for alternative enclosures. Our open-source STL files will be published on Thingiverse by the time CLiCC Remote ships to Crowd Supply for fulfillment.

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About the Team


Evansville, IN, USA  ·

We love creating unique devices with tactile buttons!

Nathan Tepool
Midwest Cyberpunk

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