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Microcontroller Boards


A fully open source ESP32-based PoE+ board with a mikroBUS™ socket and two handy add-on shields

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Funding ended on Nov 24, 2022 at 03:59 PM PST.

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The world needs more Power over Ethernet

PoE is a fantastic technology. With a single standardized cable and a not-so-special network switch, one can power applications requiring up to 100 Watts and 100 mbps of bandwidth at a distance of 100 meters, or cheat its way to 250 meters with lower requirements. PoE removes the need for batteries, solar panels, extension cords, power adapters, wireless hubs and extenders, and professional installation. Its wired nature also makes it de-facto more reliable and secure than wireless, a true "set and forget" technology.

The Internet of Things need more standardized devices

No more getting locked up within a single company’s ecosystem. Espoir’s hardware is compatible with any Ethernet and Power over Ethernet (802.3 af/at) switch or router, plugs into any computer with a USB-C cable, and its 16 IOs are arranged following the mikroBUS™ socket specification, which makes it protoboard-friendly and compatible with over 1,300 existing add-on boards.

On the software side of things, Espoir can be programmed or configured using several tools. ESP-IDF, Arduino-ESP32, MicroPython, and Tasmota are officially supported.

Developers need more open source building blocks

Every project is unique, but most electronic devices start with the same components: a power supply, a microcontroller, a programming / debugging interface, and connectors. Espoir provides just that within 2/3 of the size of a credit card. Its OSHWA Certification guarantees the security and flexibility that comes with having access to schematics, layout and gerber files.

Grow with us

Espoir is the tool we couldn’t find when we wanted to automate a small organic vegetable farm. The IO One mikroShield provides connectors for temperature sensors, servomotors, switches, and analog and I²C sensors. These in turn allow one to quickly create smart irrigation valves, automatic vents, ambient temperature and humidity sensors, doors and windows sensors, water level monitors, and even walk-in coolers.

Most importantly, these can be monitored and controlled from a single dashboard, from anywhere, so you can sleep soundly knowing that you will be alerted if anything happens.

The Pmod™ Compatible mikroShield adds compatibility with another extensive set of 80+ add-on boards, so whatever your next project is, there is a good chance it can be done quickly with Espoir.

Features & Specifications


IO One mikroShield

Pmod™ Compatible mikroShield


Espoir wESP32 ESP32-Ethernet-Kit V1.2 ESP32-POE-ISO-IND Squama Ethernet PoE
Price $50 $ 48 $55 $27 $30
Frequency 240 MHz 240 MHz 240 MHz 240 MHz 48 MHz
Flash 4 MB 16 MB 4 MB 16 MB 256 KB
RAM 520 KB 520 KB 8 MB 520 KB 32 KB
Output power 15 W (5 V) 13 W (12 V) or 5 W (5 V) 7 W (5 V) 2 W (5 V) 10 W (5 V)
Isolation Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Available I/Os 16 15 13 15 10
Protoboard-friendly Yes Somewhat No Yes No
Programming port USB-C Not included micro USB micro USB USB-C
Debugging port JTAG JTAG JTAG None None
Ethernet throughput 100 mbps 100 mbps 100 mbps 100 mbps 12 mbps
SD storage Compatible Compatible Compatible Yes No
Extensions mikroBUS™ (1,300+) No No UEXT (70+) Grove (400+)
Mounting holes 4x M2.5 / 4-40 4x M2.5 / 4-40 4x M2.5 / 4-40 No 2x M3 / 4-40

Support and documentation

You can find the full hardware and software documentation on Connaxio’s Wiki, or quickly look-up Espoir’s schematics in PDF format, or find the KiCad 6 sources on GitHub.

Manufacturing Plan

We have secured the parts for the first batch of 100 Espoir modules. Connaxio’s small-scale fab lab has been used to assemble all prototypes over the last year, with a production capacity far exceeding the requirements to complete the first production batch within a month. All modules are individually tested for full functionality before they are packaged in their individual antistatic bags.

Fulfillment and logistics

After testing and packaging the production batch of Espoir products, we will send them on to Crowd Supply’s fulfillment partner, Mouser Electronics, who will distribute them to backers worldwide. You can learn more about Crowd Supply’s fulfillment service under Ordering, Paying, and Shipping in their guide.

Risks & Challenges

Connaxio, like every other electronics manufacturer, feels the effects of the global parts shortage. Part availability varies month by month, and we are monitoring the situation closely. We have parts secured for the first 100 units of Espoir and accessory boards, and will begin production as soon as the campaign begins. If any parts delay exceeds 4 months for orders beyond the original 100 Espoir units, we will work to reduce fulfillment time by using alternative components where necessary. Backers may receive modified versions of Espoir, which will maintain software compatibility with the officially supported software, with equal or better hardware specifications. We will identify these modified versions with a new revision number on the PCB silkscreen, such as "Rev 1.0.1".

Parts for which these modifications are currently considered are:

In the Press

PCBWay Community Blog

"Espoir is a fully compliant Ethernet+ (PoE+ 802.3 af/at) ESP32-based devboard that can let you get right to business."

"[Espoir] is a fully compliant Power over Ethernet+ board that is fueled by an ESP32 microcontroller..."


"This comes with all the bells and whistles you expect with POE"

Produced by Connaxio in Chambly, Québec, Canada.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.


PoE Devboard with mikroBUS™ socket

$50 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

Want to buy this item? Check the current project page for the latest information.

IO One mikroShield

A sensor and IO extender mikroBUS™ add-on board

$15 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

Want to buy this item? Check the current project page for the latest information.

Pmod Compatible™ mikroShield

A mikroBUS™ add-on board to Diligent Pmod™ Compatible 12-pin interface

$10 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

Want to buy this item? Check the current project page for the latest information.

About the Team


Chambly, Québec, Canada  ·   Connaxio  ·   Connaxio  ·

Connaxio creates open source IoT automation electronics and software.

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