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An open reference design and dev board for the SX126x LoRa® chipset

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XCVR is a development board & reference design utilizing the SX126x LoRa® sub-GHz radio transceiver, created to offer a cost-effective and compact development solution for diverse, long-range wireless applications. Based on Semtech’s SX126x Series, the XCVR Development Board combines Semtech’s 60 years of semiconductor manufacturing expertise and proprietary LoRa® modulation with Connected Development’s comprehensive engineering design services.

Offering a proven and pre-tested reference design and PCB layout for RF optimization, the XCVR dev board is offered in two variants: SX1262, and LLCC68, both of which operate in the 915 MHz suitable for North America. (The SX1262 can be reconfigured for operation in the 868 MHz band suitable for Europe and elsewhere.) Compatible with Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF52840 SoC and Silicon Labs’ BG21 BLE SoC, Connected Development’s dev board and reference design includes all necessary radio design files and hands-on engineering support to ensure a successful deployment.

Mounted on Arduino Uno carrier board, XCVR utilizes RF Integrated Passive Device for smallest footprint. It boasts a proven and RF tested reference design and PCB layout for RF optimization, as well as software support for LoRaWAN®, Nordic Semiconductor (Zephyr and MBED) and Silicon Labs’ (BG21 BLE) SoCs. XCVR is Silicon Labs tested for Amazon Sidewalk (in conjunction with Silicon Labs’ BG21 BLE SoC), and, last but not least, all radio design files are open source and available (schematic and board layout)

Features & Specifications

Open Source

Schematics, Gerber files, and reference code are all open source.

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Cary, NC  ·   theconnecteddev  ·   ConnectedDevelopment  ·

A group of dedicated engineers who have spent years in the wireless industry advancing product technology and combining that technology in order to put the best solutions into the marketplace for our customers. An average of 20+ years with companies like Ericsson, Motorola, Sierra Wireless, Sony Ericsson, and Nokia gives us the experience that our customers look for to help evaluate and then develop the best product solutions based on requirements.

Dave Hoover
VP Advanced Technology
Ron Daubenspeck
Senior Software Engineer
Scott Fowler
Project Manager
Tim Bodnarchuk
Hardware Director

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